COVID-related Regime of Inbound Travel to Belarus

Given the global COVID-19 travel restrictions, please mind that:

6 year-older foreign citizens other than holders of permanent or temporary Belarus residence permits are obliged to have original medical proof or a copy (hard or electronic) showing negative COVID-19 PCR lab test performed 3 days prior to the entry. Alternatively, it may be an original medical proof or a hard copy showing that the person in question has completed COVID-19 vaccination from 1 to 12 months prior to the arrival in Belarus. Failure to produce such a proof will lead to denial of entry.

The Republic of Belarus has temporarily limited arrivals and departures by motor road, railroad, river routes through the border of the Republic of Belarus. The arrivals and departures via the National Airport Minsk continue to be business as usual.

All those arrived from the Listed Countries (including Turkey) shall be isolated and denied outbound travel within 7 days.

Among other exemptions, this self-isolation and outbound travel restriction does not apply to:

  • Holders of COVID-19 vaccination certificate;
  • Holders of diplomatic and official passports, heads and members of official delegations;
  • Foreign citizens arriving in Belarus on the invitation of legal entities registered in Belarus;
  • Drivers of motor vehicles intended for international transport and international postal deliveries;
  • Members of aircraft crews, inland water-borne transport, train crews, international railway locomotive crews;
  • Citizens of Belarus and foreigners holding permanent or temporary Belarus residence permits who arrive in Belarus after an official business trip;
  • Holders of notice indicating a grave disease or death of a close family member, spouse and people escorting them;
  • Foreigners in transit via Belarus who have proof of departure from Belarus within 24 hours. Those in breach of 24 hours’ transit will be allowed departure as long as they have a medical proof;
  • Foreigners arriving in Belarus to make use of a hunting tour under a tourist contract.

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