#WeRemember. Ozarichi Concentration Camp.


Death camp “Ozarichi” existed for only two weeks, but within this short span the Nazis killed 20,000 people. People suffering from spotted fever and other infectious diseases which could quickly contaminate local residents and Soviet soldiers were brought to this land of marshes.

There were no buildings on the territory of the Ozarichi death zone: women, children and elderly people were kept outdoors; the territory around the death camp was mined. It was forbidden to collect branches and light a fire to keep warm. It was forbidden to build huts, people slept on the frozen ground. It was not allowed to bury the dead, for the first days the corpses were simply gathered by the prisoners themselves in one place. When they had no strength left, lifeless bodies were laying all over the camp.

The memorial made of three white walls symbolizing Ozarichi death camps with the portraits and names of prisoners was unveiled in 1965.

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